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General Membership

  • General membership is open to all non-public and independent schools in and around New York City. 
  • Early childhood schools must be licensed, and are permitted to run 3-K and UPK programs in addition to their independent programming.
  • Continuing schools must be accredited by the relevant local body. 

Provisional Membership

  • Provisional membership is open to continuing schools actively working towards accreditation. 
  • Accreditation must be finalized within two years of the ISAAGNY joining date. 

ISAAGNY schools enjoy...

Application and Dues

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Upon acceptance, schools submit a membership agreement, commit to our Principles of Good Practice and DEI+ Mandate, upload the ISAAGNY logo to their website, and pay annual dues.

Dues are determined by school enrollment.

Enrollment Annual Dues
100 or fewer students $798
101 - 300 $1,196
301 - 500 $1,595
501 or more $2,393