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ISAAGNY School Membership

ISAAGNY encourages new membership throughout the year. Our goal is to bring together a collective of independent schools, who share our vision and commitment to creating and sustaining ethical and equitable admissions practices. Schools who become members of ISAAGNY benefit their applicant families by adhering to the Principles of Good Practice. These principles are the guide posts which ISAAGNY schools commit to in creating a culture of inclusivity and respect during the admissions process, for all families and other ISAAGNY schools. ISAAGNY member schools also benefit from adhering to common notification dates, which makes it easier for families to apply to multiple independent schools, knowing the timelines are uniform. ISAAGNY schools share an understanding and a commitment to collegiality and professionalism throughout the admissions process, by building community through membership. Members are encouraged to attend regular meetings for ISAAGNY, as well as periodic age group specific meetings. Professional development and growth are also a staple of the organization. ISAAGNY hosts guest speakers, various trainings and other professional events for its member schools throughout the year. These events are specific to ISAAGNY and the work of admissions and enrollment, and are not open to non-ISAAGNY schools. Please read on to learn more about becoming an ISAAGNY member school.