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Your child has been offered a place for the upcoming school year. You must let the school know your decision by noon on the parent reply date or your place is no longer secure and may be given to someone from the waitlist. You should let a school know if you are not accepting your place as soon as you have made your decision so that they are able to offer the spot to someone else.


Applications are generally filled out in the fall of the year preceding enrollment. It is essential that the applicant adhere to the deadline at each school when they apply.


With the exception of special needs schools, ISAAGNY schools follow the same dates for notification. These dates vary from year to year.


With the exception of special needs schools, ISAAGNY schools follow the same parent reply deadlines. Parents must adhere to the reply deadline or the space may be given away to a family on the waitlist.


The playgroup is often used instead of an interview for younger applicants. The size of the group will vary from school to school, as will the separation policy. Feel free to call the admissions office to find out what will be expected of you and of your child at this time.


Children may be asked to meet one on one with an admissions officer, teacher, or school administrator. This process varies from school to school. If you have questions about this process speak with the admissions office to find out what will be expected of the applicant at this time.


Your child has not been offered a place and is not on the waitlist. You may inquire about applying again the following year.


In order to promote a sense of community, schools have the option to offer siblings and legacies applying for 2, 3 and 4 year old programs or for Kindergarten or Grade 1 an earlier notification of their decision. Parents should ask each school to clarify how it defines a legacy since there is variation among schools. See the Notification Dates for the time frame for Early Notification decisions and reply.


In order to protect children from multiple administration of similar tests and to provide consistency in test reporting, ISAAGNY has contracted with a testing agency, the Educational Records Bureau (ERB) , a not-for-profit organization. Students applying for Middle School and High School will take the Independent Schools Entrance Exam (ISEE). For more information on ERB’s testing services, visit


Each school has its own process for families who are applying for financial aid. Financial aid is not a loan and will not have to be paid back by the family. Financial aid decisions are communicated during the admissions notification period. Please check with the schools you apply to about their financial aid forms and deadlines. More information is available here.


Formal expression of "First Choice" shall not be solicited by either sending or receiving Member Schools. Member Schools shall not ask sending schools whether they are an applicant family's "First Choice" nor request a "First Choice letter," but may inquire whether they are one of the family's top three choices.


ISAAGNY and ERB collaborate to make financial aid available to cover a portion of the ERB testing fee. If you cannot afford the complete cost of the testing, you will find more information about how to apply for a testing fee reduction under the testing portion of this site.


Each school’s definition of “legacy” is likely to be different. If you believe you are a legacy at a school call the admissions office to double check that you meet the school’s guidelines.


In order to matriculate, an admitted student must enroll in a school. I n most cases this means a family will put down a deposit and sign a contract.


The National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) is a consortium of independent educational institutions that serve students in grades pre-kindergarten through twelve throughout the United States. For more information on NAIS, visit


The New York State Association of Independent Schools (NYSAIS) is a voluntary association of some 180 independent nursery, elementary and secondary schools enrolling some 78,000 students. It is affiliated with the National Association of Independent Schools and the New York State Coalition for Independent and Religious Schools. For more information on NYSAIS, visit


Schools may require a parent interview or meeting as a part of the admissions process. You should check with each school you apply to about this step. If you are a two-parent family, be sure to ask if they require or simply prefer that both parents attend this meeting.


These principles are intended to provide common ground for the interaction of students and schools, parents and schools, and schools with schools. All ISAAGNY member schools are asked to abide by these principles.


After a student has been enrolled at a school, the family generally will receive a contract to enroll again the following year. Each school can determine its own return date for contracts from re-enrolling students. Students who are applying to another school from their current school have until the parents’ reply date for the grade to which the student is applying to confirm re-enrollment arrangements or to sign a contract at another school.


Your child has not been offered a place and is not on the waitlist. You may inquire about applying again the following year.


Some schools allow or even encourage those who have been accepted for the following year to visit the school a second time. These visits are typically offered to middle school and high school aged applicants. Revisits happen after decision letters go out and before the reply date deadline.


The SSAT is a multiple choice test designed for students in grades 3 through 11 and is administered on three levels:
• Elementary (for students currently in grades 3-4)
• Middle (for students currently in grades 5-7)
• Upper (for students currently in grades 8-11)

More information can be found at


School Scholarship Service (SSS), based in Princeton, New Jersey, is an independent evaluator of financial aid requests. Many ISAAGNY ongoing member schools use SSS as part of their financial aid process. SSS evaluates parent financial statements submitted by the applicant’s parents, determines the level of financial need, and advises member schools of the analysis .


An official transcript (or its equivalent) is an important part of an admissions file. An ISAAGNY school will not formally enroll a student without first receiving an official transcript from the student’s present school. School report materials are confidential between the sending and receiving school.


A sibling applicant is the brother or sister of a current student at the school to which the sibling is applying. If you have a child at an ISAAGNY school and plan on applying another child, to the same school, call the admissions office and ask whether they have a policy of early notification for siblings.


An independent school that serves children with learning differences or who have learning disabilities.


Is an independent evaluator of financial aid requests. Many ISAAGNY going member schools use TADS as part of their financial aid process. TADS evaluates financial aid documents submitted by the applicant's parents, determines the level of financial need, and advises member schools of the analysis. For more information on TADS, please visit


Tuition and fees vary greatly from school to school. In comparing costs, you should consider such things as the length of the program, whether the lunch and/or books are included, and whether there are additional fees or required loans to the school.


Your child has been told that there is not a space being held for the following year, but that one might become available. You may have to call the school to notify them that you want to remain on the wait list.


You may decide to withdraw your child’s application at any time during the admissions process. This will remove your family from the admissions process and you will not be considered for admission during that season. Most schools require that families send a letter or an email to withdraw an applicant.