membership for schools

General membership is open to all non-public and independent schools in New York City, Westchester County, New Jersey, and Long Island. 

  • Early childhood schools must be licensed, and are permitted to run 3-K and UPK programs in addition to their independent programming.
  • Continuing schools must be accredited by the relevant local body. 

Provisional membership is open to those continuing schools actively working towards accreditation; accreditation must be finalized within two years of the ISAAGNY joining date. 



Affiliate membership is open to non-profit organizations that aim to serve, diversify, and strengthen independent schools.





  • Professional Development and Events: We coordinate a suite of professional development and social events each year, and in doing so, support the growth of and collaboration between members. A selection of previous sessions is outlined below: 

     Talking Impact: Unconscious Bias and Microaggressions Training 
     Supporting the Mental Health of Early Childhood and Lower School Applicants
     Legal Trends in Admissions
     Food Allergy Workshop
     The Six Components of Parent Retention
     Financial Aid and Admissions  
     Understanding and Managing Our Own Stress
     Managing Enrollment with Limited Budget and Bandwidth 
     Best Practices for Early Childhood Hiring 
     Creating a Middle/Upper School Community Through the Lens of "Character" 
     Compliance Series 
     Marketing and Crisis Communication
     Gender Through the Lens of Enrollment 
     Data 101 


  • Professional Network: Our committees, subgroups, and all-ISAAGNY meetings are forums for exchanging best practices and taking action. 

     Committees: Antiracism and Equity, Dates, Professional Development, Streamlining, Transportation

     Subgroups: Early Childhood, Elementary/Middle Schools, Placement and Exmissions, Tuition Assistance, Upper Schools



  • Website Access: Our members-only portal features a message board, event calendar, meeting minutes, resources, and more. 


... and more! 



Membership Requirements  

ISAAGNY schools are required to pay annual dues, adhere to the Principles of Good Practice and Notification and Reply Dates, and satisfy our DEIA mandate

Schools (General or Provisional Membership): Annual dues are determined by enrollment. 

     100 or fewer students: $550 

     101-300 students: $825

     301-500 students: $1,100

     501 or more students: $1,650


Organizations (Affiliate Membership): Annual dues are a flat fee of $500. 



Application Process


Applications are accepted at any time. Please see the application process page for next steps.