General membership is reserved for accredited schools. Those schools that have been established for a minimum of three years and are currently pursuing accreditation may apply for provisional membership; their accreditation must be secured within two years of their ISAAGNY initiation date. 

Affiliate membership is reserved for those organizations with a shared dedication to ISAAGNY's mission and values. 



ISAAGNY's goal is to bring together a collective of independent schools, all of whom share our commitment to ethical and equitable admissions practices. We create, execute, and sustain our vision with an unwavering dedication to collegiality and professionalism. Each member of our community... 

... commits to ISAAGNY's Principles of Good Practice, the guide posts that establish inclusivity and respect during the admissions process - for families and schools alike. 

... commits to ISAAGNY's Notification & Reply Dates, a uniformity that makes it easier for families to apply to multiple independent schools. 

... is invited to attend and participate in all-ISAAGNY, subgroup, and committee meetings. 

... is invited to attend professional development sessions, guest speaker engagements, and all other events hosted by ISAAGNY. 

... receives weekly newsletters and ongoing correspondence from the Executive Director, subgroups, and committees. 

... receives access to the Member Portal, which has resources and communication platforms for our member schools and affiliate organizations. 

... is featured in the Member Directory, and in any advertisements we organize. 



ISAAGNY encourages prospective members to apply throughout the year. 



Please see the application process page for next steps.