About Independent Schools

What are independent schools? 

Each independent school has a unique mission, a board of trustees, and a self-defined admissions process. The schools are also distinct from public schools, charter schools, and parochial schools in their funding structures; they are largely dependent on tuition payments and charitable contributions, rather than government or church funds. 

Several types of independent schools exist in greater New York. Some exclusively serve early childhood students, while others begin in early childhood and continue through 8th or 12th grade; some begin in kindergarten and continue through 8th or 12th grade; still others operate standalone elementary school programs, middle school programs, or another combination of age groups. Some schools run co-educational programming, while others curate environments for either girls or boys. Some are affiliated with religious institutions, and others are independently secular. There are hundreds of options and opportunities for every type of student. 

To learn more about independent schools, visit the New York State Association of Independent Schools or the National Association of Independent Schools


Why choose an independent school? 

Independent school programming, which ranges from preschool through high school, offers a range of benefits for students and their families. 

_ Independent schools operate without state mandates on curriculum and testing, a freedom that positions them to create personalized experiences for their students' strengths and needs. 

_ Individualized instruction is also facilitated by independent schools' small class sizes and low student-teacher ratios, which allow for deeper analyses, engagement, and connectivity. 

_ Teachers at independent schools are highly qualified, and generally teach in their respective areas of expertise. 

_ Independent schools nurture a lifelong love of academic learning, but similarly focus on the development of each student's social consciousness, leadership skills, artistic capacities, athleticism, and more. An independent education is an education for the whole child. 

_ Independent schools range in their philosophical approaches, ensuring that one will suit each and every type of student. 


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