Finding the "right" school is complex, particularly in a city with endless options and opinions. ISAAGNY is here to help! These tools and advice will position you to make the best choice for your child's school experience - and for their future. 



  • The application process is time-consuming. Apply only to as many schools as can comfortably fit into your schedule. 
  • If you or your child is sick on the day of an in-person admissions event, please reschedule. 
  • Be sensitive to submission deadlines and appointment times. Admissions teams work tirelessly to facilitate a smooth process, and punctuality helps. 
  • During the notification and reply window, we encourage parents to accept or reject offered seats as soon as a decision has been made; this communication triggers movement - and availability - for other students in the waitpool.  
  • Familiarize yourself with the Principles of Good Practice that ISAAGNY schools abide by; they outline the protections afforded to prospective and enrolled students.
  • Most importantly, enjoy this process! Take advantage of the opportunity to visualize your child in each new environment. Picture them roaming the hallways, collaborating with the students, learning from the teachers, and loving school. This is an exciting and pivotal moment!