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Fee Waiver

ISAAGNY and ERB have joined together to provide financial assistance to cover the cost of ERB admissions testing fees for families applying for the 2019-20 academic year. Fee waivers are available to families whose annual income is less than $100,000. The fee waiver covers the entire fee for the ISEE Primary or ISEE 5-12. To discuss the possibility of receiving a testing fee waiver, please contact the admissions office at the ISAAGNY school to which you are applying.

School Readiness Test (SRT)

ISAAGNY collaborates with expert researchers in the field of Early Childhood Assessments to explore authentic ways to tap into the individual strengths of each applicant.

ISAAGNY is collaborating with Reflection Sciences, LLC to provide an objective assessment tool. A limited number of ISAAGNY schools (see below) will be administering a brief (5-min) iPad-based assessment named the School Readiness Task (SRT). The SRT measures a set of brain-based skills including attention, impulse control, and cognitive flexibility. This brief task assesses thinking skills in a “content-free” way and does not rely on specific knowledge or vocabulary.

The SRT will be administered to applicants by participating schools during one of their play-group visits. Reflection Sciences will record the results of the SRT and will share the results with the other participating ISAAGNY schools to which the child is applying (confidentially), such that each applicant will take the SRT only once during the application process.

Please note that given this is only one aspect of a comprehensive admissions process, applicants’ results will not be shared with parents. Applicant families will be directed to a consent/registration link within the participating school’s online application (which needs to be completed only once). This consent also maintains that Reflection Sciences may retain and use de-identified (names permanently deleted) SRT scores in subsequent research, in a manner consistent with all Federal and State regulations concerning data privacy.