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Questions Applicants Should Consider

Every applicant and family should explore whether a school will be a good fit. It is helpful if you raise specific concerns or needs during the admissions process, rather than avoiding topics that may come as a surprise to a family or a school later. Consider these topics:

  • Is the school handicap accessible? You may want to know this because of the student or because of another family member who would want to become involved in the school.
  • My child has a diagnosed learning disability. How do you work with children like him/her?
  • My child has severe allergies. What are the school’s policies and routines surrounding lunch and snack?
  • Is transportation provided?
  • Our family celebrates a religious tradition that will require my child to miss some school. What is the school’s policy regarding this type of absence?
  • If we are granted financial aid at the time of initial enrollment, will it remain consistent in future years?
  • We do not currently need financial aid. If our financial situation changes, can we apply for financial aid?
  • What is your sibling policy?
  • What are your school hours? Is before/after school care available?