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Kindergarten Play Group Visits

Recently, the ISAAGNY Board of Trustees voted to no longer endorse the use of the WPPSI test for kindergarten and first grade admissions. In alignment with ISAAGNY’s deep commitment of respect for all, we consider candidates for admission to our schools with flexible, research-based assessments that encourage each child to express his or her individuality as a learner.

All ISAAGNY schools invite children and their families to visit the school during the admissions process. These visits provide an opportunity for parents to learn more about a school, and for Lower School teachers and admissions professionals to get to know each child. During these visits, the children engage in developmentally appropriate and child-friendly activities. The educators who engage with the children have an extensive knowledge of both child development and what “kindergarten readiness” means at their school. With great thoughtfulness and with the best interest of young children in mind, they aim to ensure that each child who enters kindergarten at their school will thrive. While each school’s visit is distinct from another’s, the visits are grounded in theory and research on child development.

While ISAAGNY promotes cooperation among member schools, each is independent and has its own mission, unique character, and core values. A child’s readiness for kindergarten is assessed differently at each school, and as a result, each school’s admissions process and criteria are unique. Applicant families should consult individual schools’ websites to familiarize themselves with each school’s specific requirements. Families can also call admissions offices with any questions they may have.