What is ISAAGNY? 

Founded in 1965, ISAAGNY (Independent Schools Admissions Association of Greater New York) is a consortium of schools that serve education communities in and around New York City. Our organization is the largest regional admissions organization of its kind in the country. 

Member schools agree to adhere to our Principles of Good Practice and Notification & Reply Dates - this commitment ensures that the admissions experience is orderly, streamlined, and equitable. The ISAAGNY network is also a home base for member collaboration, offering access to the latest research on teaching and learning practices, a variety of professional development and training opportunities, and a breadth of educational resources. 

We also provide free resources to families who are considering, preparing for, or navigating the admissions process. Any questions can be addressed by reaching out to inquiry@isaagny.org. In providing these tools and support, we hope to maximize the accessibility of independent schools for all families who wish to explore them. 

Our Mission: By coordinating practices and procedures, ISAAGNY aims to ensure orderly, professional, and equitable admissions processes at member schools across greater New York. The resulting spirit of cooperation serves schools and families alike. 

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Visit the New York State Association of Independent Schools or the National Association of Independent Schools to learn more about independent schools.