Principles of Good Practice

To ensure an equitable and ethical admissions process for all stakeholders in the educational community, ISAAGNY member schools agree to abide by the outlined Principles of Good Practice, and to create and maintain admissions processes that consistently uphold them. The admissions teams, heads, and directors of each school bear the responsibility of communicating these principles to staff members, and ensuring that they are in practice. 



  • In accordance with applicable law, ISAAGNY’s mission, and the missions of our member schools, a school will not discriminate on the basis of: race, ethnicity, family structure, physical ability, gender identity and expression, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, and neurodiversity, or any other protected categories under applicable law in the administration of its admission policies. Nothing herein, however, shall be construed to prevent the operation of a single-sex or religious school.
  • ISAAGNY member schools will maintain confidentiality throughout the admissions process, and schools will protect prospective student and family information.
  • ISAAGNY schools will also maintain an equitable process, application and admissions components must remain consistent and transparent for ALL applicant families.
  • ISAAGNY schools will maintain transparency around their admissions process and deadlines,  in writing. Including all steps and expectations of the process for families and students, overall timeline, tuition and deposit costs and timelines, and financial aid practices and timelines. 
  • ISAAGNY school application materials will be available to prospective families no earlier than August 1st and will not be viewed or considered before that time. Member schools will adhere to the ISAAGNY notification and reply dates as stated each year. 
  • ISAAGNY Schools should not offer admission to a student without first completing the admissions process, including receiving the Confidential School Report and / or an official transcript directly from the student’s current school. Additionally, school reports and teacher recommendations must be kept confidential and should not be shared with families by the sending or receiving school. 
  • If confidential school reports or transcripts cannot be obtained, member schools should require something in writing from said school explaining why. 
  • Current families applying out who have been wait listed at said schools must be given the same (or later - at the school’s discretion) reply date as those initially accepted. 
  • ISAAGNY recognizes that schools for special education may require the flexibility to deviate from ISAAGNY dates and assessment protocols due to the nature of the needs of the students and DOE funding considerations. 
  • ISAAGNY schools may choose to extend Early Decision Notification to Early Childhood and Kindergarten applicants who qualify as siblings, legacies, children of staff, and who are members of an affiliated religious congregation within their respective school communities. 
  • ISAAGNY member schools recognize the right of currently enrolled students to consider other educational options. Therefore, ISAAGNY schools will provide appropriate support in that process, by not requiring the re-enrollment of any current students applying out, prior to the notification dates of the schools they have applied to.  
  • In order to protect the family’s privacy, ISAAGNY Schools will not require families to share a list of the other schools to which they are applying, nor ask adults or students in person or otherwise. Families of siblings and legacies should be given an equal opportunity to apply to any school they wish without feeling concern for lack of consideration if they do not name  a school as  “priority”.
  • ISAAGNY Schools will ensure that their school staff and admissions volunteers are able to communicate the school’s mission and admission process.  Staff should speak accurately about their own school and always refrain from alleging weaknesses in other schools. Schools will avoid using undue influence in recruiting students and will refrain from asking applicant families to designate a first choice school, which applies undue pressure on families. 
  • Communicating with families after notifications have been sent out:
    • ISAAGNY Schools may host a "second look"/revisit type of event for accepted families as long as it is done by general invitation and all admitted families are invited, and it is optional. Some examples: Second tour or curriculum presentation, general Q+A, student  / parent panels. 

    • ISAAGNY Schools may connect families peer to peer, upon the family's request (student to student; parent to parent, etc). This option should be transparent and available / known to all applicants, and considered optional.

    • ISAAGNY Schools may answer specific questions that the families ask about the school or its community.

    • ISAAGNY Schools may NOT reach out to individual families and offer to connect them with specific people within the school based on their student's interest as a way to garner favor, or preference. 

    • ISAAGNY Schools may NOT ask families to divulge school preference or choice at any point, or place any pressure on a family to make a decision, other than maintaining the stated deadlines.