Art Teacher // Montclare Children's School


About the Job

Responsible for developing and implementing an ongoing program of art activities that promote the development of the whole child, including social, emotional, cognitive and physical development. Process based units are highlighted, that may include but are not limited to exposure and exploration to different media and artists, bringing joy and passion into the classroom.

• Meet with Ed Director to review curriculum plans and activities and evaluate program’s effectiveness.

• Implement performance standards of an early childhood classroom (2 - 5 years of age) including developmentally appropriate practices for a pre-school program.

• Attend all staff meetings.

• Assist in planning and participating in parent related activities.

• Coordinate and work closely with parents including staff/parent conferences.

• Support teachers in their use of art in the classroom.

• Set up and maintain a well-organized, safe, attractive classroom



Full-time, Head Teacher


Candidate Requirements

• Has an art background and at least two years teaching experience.

• Relates positively to young children, parents and staff.

• Demonstrates success in working as a member of a team.

• Maintains a personal, engaging, friendly and flexible attitude.

• Is comfortable working with groups of children / demonstrated supervision skills

• Works independently

• Possesses good communication skills

• Is knowledgeable about art, especially as it pertains to very young children

• Has previous experience working with young children

• Be able to lift 25-30 lbs.

• Be able to walk, squat/kneel, sit on floor, see, hear, speak with children to ensure children’s health and safety.


Contact Information:

Email Liz Lowy at