Summer Institute Instructors // TEAK Fellowship

Summer Institute Instructors // TEAK Fellowship






About the Job

TEAK Fellowship is looking for experienced middle and high school teachers to teach Writing, Pre-Algebra, and Reading during Summer Institute 2023. Instructors will work collaboratively as part of teaching teams responsible for providing the curriculum structure established by TEAK. This summer instructors will teach approximately 2-3 sections of ~15 students four times a week, Monday - Thursday, from July 5 - Aug 9 2023 at The Browning School in Manhattan.






Candidate Requirements

● Provide classroom supervision and one hour of instruction Monday - Thursday.

● Attend instructor orientation June 28 + 29 at the Browning School.

● Attend faculty meetings 1x a week on Wednesday during the summer.

● Participate in a plus 1 assignment (run a club, go on field trips, monitor lunch/recess/study hall) during the summer.

● Use Google Classroom and assign between 30-40 minutes of homework daily. Collect and grade Fellow homework.

● Provide midterm and final grades, including writing student comments. 


Contact Information:

Interested candidates should contact Oye Carr