Please use the chart below to identify what ISAAGNY schools requires in terms of testing for both Kindergarten and First Grade applicants.  A key explaining what each test is can be found below.

*Please continue to check individual school's websites, as not every school is listed here.      

Testing Key

AABL stands for Admission Assessment for Beginning Learners. The AABL is an exam proctored by ERB. Read more about the AABL here.

ECAA stands for Early Childhood Admission Assessment. The ECAA is an exam also proctored by ERB. Read more about the ECAA here.

SRT stands for School Readiness Test and is administered to applicants by participating schools during a play-group visit. Read more about the SRT   here

ISAAGNY ERB CHART 2015-2016.pdf  

Fee Waiver

ISAAGNY and ERB have joined together to provide financial assistance for ERB admissions testing fees for families applying for the 2015-16 academic year with demonstrated need. The fee waiver will cover only a portion of the test and is only applicable for the ECAA for grades 2-4 and for the ISEE for grades 5 and up. To discuss the possibility of receiving a testing fee waiver, please contact the admissions office at the ISAAGNY school to which you are applying.